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10 female albums we enjoyed in 2022

2022 is over! It was a great year for women in music, and to honour that we have collected 10 of our favourite albums from the past year. (in no particular order)

  1. Beyoncé - RENAISSANCE Beyoncé's seventh album was released in July of 2022 - and obviously instantly charted. This album was a little different from what we've previously heard, and incorporated a lot of disco, dance and house sounds - and paying homage to the black and queer pioneers within these genres. The album is about escapism and self confidence - something we desperatly needed in 2022. Favourite Song: ENERGY

  2. Taylor Swift - Midnights Taylor Swift released her tenth album in October of 2022, and it took the world by storm. The album is about self awareness, self criticism, self confidence and relationships to all of this. The album covered all top ten places on Billboard, and as of January Midnights is still charting. The album is incredibly honest and describes emotions and feelings that everyone can relate to. Favourite Song: You're On Your Own, Kid Read more about Taylor Swift here.

  3. SZA - SOS SZA blessed us with her second album in December of 2022 - after waiting five long years. The album instantly charted, and was critically acclaimed - especially because she goes through a range of musical genres, which all fit well with her angelic voice. The album broke the record for longest streaming week for an RnB album, and was the number one female album of 2022. The album is about relationships - and mostly about breakups, and a mixture of hating but still wanting your ex (relatable). Favourite Song: Kill Bill Read more about SZA here.

  4. Sabrina Carpenter - emails I can't send Sabrina Carpenter released her fifth album in July of 2022, and is her highest charting album - peaking at 23. The album gained her more international recognition, which is highly deserved. The album is about relationships with not only partners but also yourself - and is brutally honest. The lyricism is amazing and extremely relatable. Favourite Song: Read your Mind

  5. Lizzo - Special Lizzo blessed us with her fourth album in July of 2022 - which instantly charted. The album is a wonderful mixture of pop, funk, disco and RnB. It is largely about relationships - but also about loving yourself, which is exactly what we love about Lizzo's music. It's a happy album, and really makes you feel the love through the speakers. Favourite Song: Special

  6. Amber Mark - Three Dimensions Sleep Amber Mark released her debut album in January of 2022 - and is a mixture of RnB, pop and funk. The album is divided into three parts, identifying insecurities, working through the mess and finally, finding self worth. Her beautiful voice mixed with the wonderful lyrics really takes you through the journey with her, which makes it all that more amazing. Favourite Song: Worth It

  7. Megan Thee Stallion - Traumazine Megan released her second album in August of 2022, and is a true rap/hiphop album. It explores themes of grief, empowerment and and overcoming the hard parts of life. Her flow is amazing throughout the entire work, and it's incredible how she plays around with it - something more artists should try. Her strong lyrics really make you feel the words - and makes you want to listen. Favourite Song: Plan B Read more about Megan Thee Stallion here.

  8. Little Simz - NO THANK YOU Little Simz dropped her fifth album in December of this year - and thank GOD for that. It's a hiphop album with gospel and funk mixed into it, which matches perfectly with her flow - which she's amazing at playing with. The album feels very personal, as she targets themes about being in a male dominated indsutry (and world), ego killing, love, and faith. Favourite Song: Heart on Fire Read more about Little Simz here.

  9. Rosalía - MOTOMAMI Rosalía released her third album in March of 2022 - and is an all Spanish album. The album feels incredibly personal and honest, as she goes through themes of homesickness, dealing with fame and isolation. It is has very latin and reggaeton vibes - this combined with her angelic voice really takes you through a worldwind of emotions. Favourite Song: LA COMBI VERSACE

  10. Ari Lennox - age/sex/location Ari Lennox dropper her second album in September of 2022. This album, in her own words, is her 'Eat, Pray, Love' journey - and it's a beautiful one. The album is a mixture of R&B and soul, which combine together beautifully with her lyrics and her flow. The entire work feels like you're being invited into her reality, and really takes you along for the show. Favourite Song: Pressure

Honourable mentions:

Kehlani - blue water road Favourite Song: altar Read more about Kehlani here.

Ella Mai - Heart On My Sleeve Favourite Song: Feels Like Read more about Ella Mai here.

Mary J Blige - Good Morning Gorgeous Favourite Song: Enough

Clara - OFF Favourite Song: I Could Be Your Girl

Tove Lo - Dirt Femme Favourite Song: No One Dies From Love

Read more about Tove Lo here.

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