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10 hacks for busy mornings

There are 2 types of people in this world. The ones who have only 1 alarm, wake up, have a morning routine - you know the type, they have their shit together. And then there is the other type, just like me, who has 10 alarms, hits the snooze button at least 5 times, runs super late in the end, has no routine at all and leaves in the morning dehydrated and hungry trying to catch the bus. Well, one of my New Years resolution this year was that I will try my best to be just a tiny bit more like the first type. That's why I tried with some hacks that helped me to have a little bif of. less stressful morning. Many of these hacks require some preparation from the night before - since I am lazy and I prioritise sleep. I hope these will help you too.

1. Prep food the night before

Sounds like a Mom, but I swear by that. Since I started packing my lunch every night it's so much easier - cause even though I am running late, I always have 5 seconds to put a Tupperware into my bag. Plus, it's a big money saver since you don't spend money to buy overpriced sandwiches in the canteen.

2. Choose a faster breakfast

Breakfast is really important to start a day, but it should not take hours to make. You can choose a quicker option like cereal, toast, fruits or overnight oats. You can make your breakfast the night before as well - I always stick with the overnight oats. Simple and quick.

3. Pack your bag

Again with the Mom tips, but I am personally using several bags at a time, and I have a hard time finding which bag has my wallet and stuff. So I always put together what I need for the day the night before, therefore I don't have to check through all my bags.

4. Skin care

I personally prioritise a longer, more detailed night routine since I NEVER HAVE TIME IN THE MORNING. In the morning it's a quick routine, cleanser, some moisturiser and sunscreen (very important!). But, the night before I use all the serums, creams and tools I have. I also use a Gua Sha to help soak in all the good things, and it also help to get rid of puffiness in the morning.

Buy a Gun Sha here.

5. Check the weather

I always check the weather app the night before (also in the mornings if I have time), so it can help me with what to wear. We live in Denmark, where you can have summer weather on Monday and then -5 degrees with snow on Tuesday so... Be prepared.

6. Silky pillow case

Okay. So I have frizzy hair, and when I wash my hair the night before and go to bed I wake up looking like a lion. Literally. I like to use a silk pillow case which helps me reduce frizziness and it makes easier to have smooth, pretty hair in the morning. Buy a silk pillow case here.

7. Shower the night before

The biggest time saver is if you shower and wash your hair the night before. I know for some people the morning shower is a necessity to wake up, but you have to let it go. Or wake up 30 min earlier if you really love it.

8. Heatless curls

I hate to stand in front of the mirror for 30 min with a hot hair curler. Hate it. Plus I don't have 30 min to spend on my hair in the morning - let's be honest. So what I do is that I fix an overnight curl, which is super comfortable to sleep in, does the job and is heatless.

Check out a overnight curl here.

9. Water bottle

I am the type of person that if I don't have my water bottle with me I'm end up not drinking the whole day. Why? I don't know. If I see the bottle in front of me I keep drinking and drinking - which is good, we love a hydrated girl. That's why I always fill up my bottle the night before and put it to the fridge so it's nice and cold. It takes one second in the morning to grab it so I done dry out during the day.

Buy a cute water bottle here.

10. Alarm

And last but not least, try to find out what is the best way for you to wake up. If you need 10 minutes to lay in bed, going through Instagram, do that - but leave enough time for yourself. I personally know I need 3 alarms to get myself out of bed, cause I need that 15 min where I can mentally get ready for the day.

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