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10 male albums we enjoyed in 2022

2022 was filled with loads of great music - let's have a look at 10 of our favourite albums released by men this past year.

  1. Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers This is Kendrick's 5th studio album, and was released in May of 2022. It is considered as his most confessional album, and is a journey through his life and therepy over the past five years - which is how long since he had released his album, Damn. This is really pointed out in his song 'United in Greif', which starts off with 'I've been going through something, 1855 days', which is the exact amount of time between the two album releases. It was met with widespread acclaim, and was especially praised for the lyricism - which is very messy, honest and deep. Favourite song: Count Me Out

  2. Stormzy - This Is What I Mean This is his third studio album, and was released in November of 2022. It's quite different from his last album which had a more dark but upbeat feel to it, this album is much more chill and more musical. The album contains both messages of worship but also self affirmation - and has a great balance of being thankful, but also flexing a little. It's very earnest, and proves that artists don't have to stick to one box within their genre. The entire album seems very sentimental, and gave us a deeper more honest look into the artist. Favourite song: This Is What I Mean

  3. Harry Styles - Harry's House Harry's House is his 3rd studio album, and was released in May of 2022. It contains a mixture of upbeat pop songs as well as songs that go a little deeper. The lyricism is quite beautiful, and exactly what we expected from him. It involves notes on love and life - and is an overall happy album. Favourite song: Little Freak Read more about Harry Styles here.

  4. Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You This mixtape was released in July of 2022, and his his 6th mixtape - and was released posthumously. 7 out of the 13 tracks on the album were released in 2011, when Mac Miller would release a new song for every 100.000 followers he gained on Twitter. The mixtape is amazing, and was an amazing gift to recieve as a fan. Favourite song: The Scoop On Heaven Read more about Mac Miller here.

  5. IDK - Simple. Simple is an 18 minute EP containing 8 different tracks - and was released in May of 2022. The beats were made by KAYTRANADA, which makes it very fun to listen to, and gives the entire work a sort of 'gin and tonic' vibe. Due to the shortness of the work, it's quite a quick listen and is a perfect little 'trip'. Favourite song: Breathe

  6. The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language This is the band's fifth album, and was released in October of 2022. The entire album had some great songwriting, and really shows how the band is moving forward with their artistry while still keeping in with their aestitetic and general vibe. The album has an overall theme of 'love', and how it's the best thing in the world. Favourite song: Oh Caroline (are we surprised?)

  7. Omar Apollo - Ivory Icory is Omar's debut album and was released in April of 2022. The album contains a wide variety of genres, from pop to RnB and funk to latin - and is quite exciting to listen to. He is known for his angelic voice, and sis lyricism throughout the album shows that not only can he sing - he can also write. His ability to genre hop while still keeping it within the same aesthetic make me extremely excited for what comes next. Favourite song: Personally

  8. Arctic Monkeys - The Car The Car is the band's seventh album, and was released in October of 2022. It is very much a successor to their previous album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino and is very much loung pop/indie rock - which is what they're known for. The album is not so much a concept album, btu instead explores the theme of creativity and the passage of time. Favourite song: Big Ideas

  9. Tobe Nwigwe - moMINTS moMINTS was released in August of 2022 - and is probably the most unique album on this list. The beats are unique and has a veyr hometown type feel to it - and it's really just cool. It's very energetic, and pays due to his roots. It's also an album about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and being thankful for what you have. Favourite song: LORD FORGIVE ME

  10. Joey Bada$$ - 2000 2000 is his thrid album and was released in July of 2022. The production of the entire piece is amazing, and the lyricism combined with the beats really takes you on a journey. It's an album that's both political and personal - often combining the two, and is a great example of modern hip-hop. Favourite song: Cruise Control

Honourable mentions:

The Weeknd - Dawn FM Favourite song: Is There Someone Else? *Read more about The Weeknd here.

Giveon - Give Or Take Favourite song: Scarred *Read more about Giveon here.

Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND

Favourite song: ROLE MODEL

Lucky Daye - Candy Drip

Favourite song: Feels Like

Bad Bunny - Un Verano Sin Ti

Favorite song: Tití Mi Preguntó

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