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F1 guide for new fans - Part 2

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

So, there's been two races so far this season - and thus a lot of action, and a lot of terminology which wasn't covered in part 1. So, here I have a few explanations to hopefully help you get a deeper understanding of the sport.

So, first off - did you notice during the practice session in Jeddah they were talking about porpoising? Well, porpoising is when the car bounces on it's suspensions while it's driving. This is extremely uncomfortable for the drivers - which can have devastating results on a race.

During practice you may also have heard the term out lap - which is a non competitive lap where a driver exits the pit lane to prepare for a flying lap. And, a flying lap is when the driver does a complete lap of the circuit, trying to get the best time.

DRS: DRS stands for Drag Reduction System - when this is used, it enables the drivers to follow their rivals more closely, making it easier to overtake.

So, can drivers just use DRS whenever? No, no they can't. there are certain DRS zones on a track (each track has a different amount of zones), and when a driver is in this zone they can use DRS. BUT!!! That is only if the driver is running one second behind the car ahead of them, while they're in the DRS zone.

During the race you might have heard the term formation lap, which is the first lap the drivers do before the Grand Prix - at a slow speed. They line up in their pole positions after this.

If a driver or a team want to dispute a penalty that the FIA gave, they will go to the stewards. Their job is to deliberate cases by going through the FIA rule book and their sporting codes, to see if it should be overruled or not.

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