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Ferrari & Mercedes 2024 Liveries

So, you might be thinking 'Bestie, why do they not get individual posts?', and tbh, it's because I'm tired of writing individual posts just to say that oh, the car is 80& carbon fiber and looks almost identical to last year.

Let's start with Ferrari.

Ferrari dropped their 2024 livery, the FS-24 on February 13th 2024 - and it was weird. As in, there was no show no nothing - it literally went directly to the livery, with no introduction. Is this setting the stage for their 2024 season? To just get on with it?

The car looks, as always, similar to last year - and as always, the car is REEEDDDDD. Thank God. Other changes are: the suspension, the driver numbers are more highlighted - and that's about it, from a non engineer standpoint.


Mercedes is as always, dark. But! They get a pass - as it has always, generally, been dark. They did, however, add a patch of red, which I guess is nice? Idk how I feel about it yet. Is it a nod to the Italian team that has stolen their star driver? Idk.Other than that, there aren't any big changes to last year's car. This is, however, the last Mercedes unveiling that will feature Lewis Hamilton, which is weird - I think I was expecting them to do more of a show due to this, but, they didn't. Oh well.

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