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I made an excel sheet with Anderson .Paak's music

Yeah, so this is a part two to my Drake excel sheet, except this isn't with Drake's, it's Anderson .Paak. Now, I couldn't possibly explain why I did this, because there simply isn't a reason, other than the fact that I enjoy his music and thought this would be fun (which it was). In total I categorised 62 songs spanning 4 albums and 8 singles.

Here are the categories:

Now, the first three are quite simple, here I give a rating of 1-10. Overall rating, lyrics and beat - as these are obviously the most important things to consider when looking at rap. You can have fire lyrics but a shitty beat, and viceversa.

Now, the rest are really categories to get a sense of what the song and album are about, there are questions such as 'is it for the club? is it deep?' and subjects such as politics and love. I was considering adding an option for 'weed', however, 90% of his songs involve being high - which I don't hate. Now, I describe a classic as something that a. everyone should listen to and b. a song you can listen to just for the vibes.

As there are only four albums, I'm not going to do a top three - because they're all pretty good. Instead, I will give you the stats.

Politcal: 4.8% or, 3/63

For the club (I will be counting the maybe's): 42% or, 27/63

Deep: 49% or, 31/63

Love/sex: 71% or, 45/62

Features: 42% or, 27/63

Classic: 47.6% or, 30/63

Money: 17% or, 11/63

Motivational: 22% or, 14/63

Story: 54% or, 34/63

What I found most surprising was the lack of politics in his music - because the songs that ARE political don't hold back, so I thought there would be more hints in his other songs. However, I could just not have picked up on them. Who knows.

So, what did we get out of this? Well, we found out that Anderson .Paak is a storyteller when it comes to his music, and that he loves to work with others and talk about love.

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