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I made an excel sheet with TV series

Yeah, so, I love categorising things, and I also never know what to watch - so I thought "there must be more like me out there", so I've created an excel sheet with all the shows I have watched, and categorised them by what kind of show they are.

Here are the categories:

It's pretty straight forward. I mean, are you looking for something funny yet political? Try #BlackAf. Are you looking for something historical and supernatural? Try A Discovery of Witches. It's basically a guide to help you find something to watch - with my own rating of the show as well.

The only category you might be a little '???' about is the 'easy to watch' - which for me basically means it's a show that you can zone out to, and have it still make sense, for example, Community.

Here is the link, use it as you wish.

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