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Student friendly things to do in Aarhus

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As students we don't have as much disposable income as regular adults, but we still want to be able to do shit - so we've collected a few 'student friendly' (AKA cheap or free) things to do in this wonderful city.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are located in the heart of the city, as can be seen as sort of a 'green escape' from the concrete. Inside they have a large variety of plants, including tropical plants, which can be seen in the tropical houses. They also have a great seating area where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere, or do some work. Once you're done inside you can go and have a picnic in the large garden that surrounds the area. During the warmer months you will often see large groups of students drinking and playing music there. The best part about it? It's free! Check out their instagram location here.

Picture by @peiross

Old Town

If you like history and a nice outing, Old Town is the place for you! It's sort of like an interactive museum that takes you through the history of Denmark. It's set up as a town (no shit) where the houses start from the late 1800's, and as you walk through you go to the 70's. The houses are actual houses that have been moved from all over Denmark. They're decorated to look exactly as they would during the time period, and you can walk in and see everything. There are horse carriages, old cars, old toys, old candy (which you can buy!) and so many interactive activities (made to fit the decade you're 'walking through) - and is a just a really fun and easy way to spend a few hours. There's something for everyone, and is a fun way to learn about the history of the country.

They're open from April to December, and if you have a stunned card it only costs 75,- dkk to enter. Check out their website here.


If you're more into chilling going to a park is always a good idea. Mølleparken is located in the centre of Aarhus, right across from Aros. Once you're at the park you can either sit by the grassy areas, where you have a nice view of the giant moving sculpture in the centre. You can also sit by the stairs right by the lake (if you're not scared of ducks). You can borrow ping pong supplies and play in the park, or you could just enjoy a picnic and some beer. There are busts of famous danish authors that outline the park, which makes it feel more fancy (or artsy, idk). You can also sit on one of the benches and enjoy a quick lunch while looking at the lake and museum. AND since it's a public park, it's completely free.

Deer Park

The deer park is a big park located a little outside of Aarhus where you can get up close and personal with deer and wild hogs (they are however in their own inclosure). As it's located within a forrest you can go and enjoy a nice walk and some lunch while you look at the animals. There are plenty of benches and tables where you can sit. You must bring your own food (including apples and carrots for the deer). They are open all year round, from sunrise to sunset. This is also free, and a good place to get some instagram pictures.

Infinity Bridge

The infinity bridge is a round bridge located a little outside of central Aarhus. It was created as a part of a Aros exhibition in 2015, and is called the infinity bridge because you can walk on it continuously. The beach is located by a smaller forrest, and right behind it is the beautiful Varna Palace (which you can also stay overnight at). Depending on the weather you can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach, otherwise it's a nice quick stop (and great for Instagram) - also, it's free.

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