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Summer essentials

Summer is finally upon us - and for us that means hanging out with friends, enjoying the weather, traveling and relaxing. So, we thought we would compile a list of the things we consider 'essentials' in order to enjoy our summer with it's full potential. *This list contains affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase from our links we might earn a percentage.

  1. Sunscreen Protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the summer sun is super important, and therefore having a sunscreen is life saving. I would recommend having both a body sunscreen and a facial one, with the facial one having a minimum of factor 30 SPF. For your body: NiceHair - Nivea Sun Protect Factor 30 For your face: NiceHair - Biotherm Warerlover Factor 30

  2. A book A good book goes a long way, and during summer you usually have so much downtime, whether that's waiting at the airport or spending time at the beach, a good book can make those times a little more enjoyable - and if the summer isn't all you wanted, the book can transform you to another universe. Saxo - It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (a romance novel) Saxo - Normal People by Sally Rooney (a romance novel)

  3. Waterbottle A waterbottle is extremely important, especially during summer. Staying hydrated when you're outside in the sun can make or break your day - it'll also help your skin stay glowing.

  4. Powerbank If you're anything like us, you use your phone, A LOT. And, during summer you're typically spending a lot more time outside, which means there won't always be somewhere to plug your phone in, therefore having a power-bank will ensure you can have battery at all times. Mini Powerbank

  5. Sunglasses Do I really need to explain this one? Message - Optic Sunglasses in brown Message - Optic Sunglasses in black

  6. Hats Like sunglasses these will protect you from the sun's glares, making sure your face doesn't turn tomato red - as well as keeping your head cooler. Message - Endless Baseball Cap in green Message - Mads Nørgaard Bully Hat in white

  7. Games Let me clarify that by games I mean games that can fit in your purse. Games are a fun little activity you can easily bring to the beach, the party or the park - meaning there is no chance of boredom (which we DO NOT want during the summer) Bog & Ide - Deck of cards Bog & Ide - Uno Bog & Ide - Alias

  8. Blanket A blanket that can fit in your tote - or the back of your car - is an essential for most summer activities, such as going to the beach or to the park. Ilva - Striped Plaid Ilva - Fleece Plaid

  9. Bag I feel like I don't need to explain why having a bag is important. Message - Black fannypack Message - Mads Nørgaard pink tote Message - Mads Nørgaard green crossbody

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