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The F1 drinking game

Yup!! This season is tough. So, why not dull the pain a little with some casual drinking - and to keep you concentrated, we shall make that drinking based on rules we've created around things that happen during the race.

You can play the game either by yourself or with friends, it's really up to you.


Your team pitstops = 2 sips

Any team pitstop fuck up = 1 sip (1 additional if it's your team)

Your team does an overtake = 2 sips

Your team overtakes another players team = give out 2 sips

A driver overtakes his teammate = 2 sips (1 additional if it's your team)

Safety car = 2 sips

Contact (no crash) = 2 sips

Crash = finish drink

Rain = finish drink

Yellow flag = 2 sips

A penalty is given out = 3 sips (1 additional sip if it’s your team)

DNF = 2 sips (1 additional if it’s your team)

“Wheel to wheel” = 3 sips

“Box! Box! Box!” = 3 sips

If you have suggestions or notes please don't hesitate to contact us on Instagram or TikTok @factspc :)

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