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The New Haas Livery

Amidst all the drama of Lewis Hamilton's shock move to Ferrari, Haas revealed their 2023 livery. And sadly, no one really seemed to care - which I know is harsh, but I'm trying to be open and honest.

Now, did they not care because of the Lewis Hamilton x Ferrari collab or do they not care because Haas came in last place the previous season? I don't know, maybe it's a combination of the two. It could also be because there was no spectacle about it. There was no show, or at least no publicity of a show if it did occur.

Anyways. The second livery of the year looks almost identical to the car they revealed last year, black with some white and red details - still dark. As I mentioned in the McLaren livery post, I find it incredibly boring that all the cars are dark now. THEY'RE HARD TO SEE. And honestly Haas, you're already not the most exciting of the bunch, couldn't you at least have done something about not having a boring car? Make the thing solid white or something. Jesus. Anyways, not really much to see here, except the new VF-24.

Good luck to the Danish sensation, Kmag, and his Teammate Nico in the upcoming season - let's hope for another pole for Kevin, which hopefully will result in another Magnussen by 2025.

Haas F1 2024 livery

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