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The New McLaren Livery

On the 16th of January we got our first 2024 livery, when McLaren decided to surprise reveal the car on their social media platforms.

The design is to no one's surprise, filled with papaya - which I'm a big fan of. I think it's sad that a lot of the cars are so dark nowadays, as it A. is boring and B. makes it a lot harder to distinguish between the cars while they're going 300 km an hour. I miss the Force India pink.

They have this year also decided to make the driver numbers chrome, which I think is a neat detail that'll make the car stand out on race pictures and content. However, one chrome detail I hate is the Google Chrome wheels - they're just about the ugliest thing in the F1 franchise. Jesus. Other than that, the car looks pretty much the same - except for a new front wing, which, to my knowledge, looks a bit different from last season's car.

Thanks to the McLaren team for kickstarting the season with the first launch - and good luck to both Oscar and Lando in the upcoming season.

McLaren 2024 F1 livery

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