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Things to remember when moving out

Welcome to adult life! It sucks! You're gonna love it.

So you have to move out for the first time, and now you're making a list of things to remember for the start of this new 'wonderful' chapter, so we thought we'd help you out - ya know, from two 'adults' to another.

First of all you're going to want to get some of the practical things down, like how to pay bills, how to check your water meter, and shit like that. Here I would suggest you go to your bank and ask for help on how to pay bills - and trust me, it's not embarrassing, they're used to it (also, it's their job). With the other 'practical' stuff I found that YouTube was my go to. You can find a lot of good tutorial videos for how to fix things in your home, and how to do it cheap (yay).

Now we get to the fun stuff, the things you need to remember to buy, because yes, there are a lot of small items you may forget about - which you won't notice you forgot until it's too late. And yes, it's expensive as fuck to move out, so we're going to also name which things you should splurge on, and which you shouldn't. To make it a little easier we will be going by sections of the apartment.

Remember to check out Facebook marketplace and things like that, you might be able to find barely used items for much lower.


  • Wine cork - get a cheap one. No need to pay extra to get drunk.

  • Kitchen utensils (cutlery, plates, cups) - go for medium priced items, because the cheap stuff breaks easily, and you don't want to be buying new forks every 6 month. However, don't waste too much money on it either, you can always start a collection of nicer items once you have the basics.

  • Cutting board - get the cheap one from IKEA, this does not need to put you out.

  • Toaster - go for a medium priced item, the cheap ones break easily, but also don't waste too much money on a toaster.

  • Microwave - same theory as the toaster, however I would also do some research on which one is best for your personal needs, do you plan to use it for cooking? Or do you plan to use it for heating up leftovers?

  • Pots and pans - some of the few things I think are worth splurging on. A good pot and pan can really make or break dinner, and they last for years.

  • Condiments/storage food - so this is obviously a personal preference, get what you need. Noodles, ketchup, rice, beans, etc. Tip: Get them at the beginning of every month, so you have them for when you're more broke.


  • Towels - go for the medium priced ones, because you'll be using them often, so you don't want bad quality or have to buy new ones every 6 months, but also don't get expensive towels.

  • Bath mat - get the cheap one from IKEA, you can always upgrade.

  • Shower curtain - same theory as the bath mat.

  • Toilet scrubber - see previous.

  • Trash can - see previous (lol).

Living area

  • 2 sets of bed sheets - bed sheets don't have to be expensive to be good, so buy some that you have actually touched. Get nice ones because you will be using them daily, and get two sets so you always have one clean set.

  • Curtains - get the cheap ones from IKEA.

  • Plants - plants are obviously a luxury, and aren't needed, however they do add a personal touch, and might make it feel more homey.


  • Vaccum - start off with a cheap one, and save up for a nice one. It's better to have a shitty one than to not have one.

  • Mop - get the cheap one from the supermarket. It's literally used to wipe dirt, no need to spend a fortune on it.

  • Cleaning supplies - get the cheap stuff, it's basically all the same anyways.

  • First aid kit - get a set of bandaids, pain killers and som disinfectant, better to have and not need, than need and not have. You can also build up your collection of medication over the years (allergy, cough, etc.)

  • Tools - get a cheap basic tool kit, you'd be surprised at how often you need it.

There you go, a basic list for things to get the first time you move out.

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