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Williams Livery 2024

So, on February 5th we got two sets of news in the F1 community. The first was that Red Bull was conducting an investigation into allegations against their team principle, Christian Horner, and the other was that Williams had dropped their 2024 livery.

As this post isn't meant for the drama, I will instead talk about the Williams livery - and how utterly bored I was. Just like the other cars, and like I've said previously, I'm SICK and TIRED of all the cars getting darker - and that's exactly what Williams did. The colors went from being a cerulean and ocean blue, to this year being mainly royal blue and black. They have also changed the wheels, removing the blue dots and instead having a plane white circle. Boring. Other than that, both the front and back wings of the car look noticeably different - with this years front being higher off the ground and more slick (idk if that's the word?), and the back also being more slick.

Williams also debuted their new race suits which are white this year, which despite the dark car, is a pleasant surprise.

Either way, good luck to Williams and to Alex and Logan.

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